Questions for The Shirt Shop team.

We receive a lot of questions.  Here, we do our best to provide concise and easy answers to your questions. If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail.

1 Why order shirts online?
2 How do we determine pricing?
3 What are heat transfers?
4 What graphic files can you use?
5 How do I send you graphic files?
6 Graphic approval?
7 What is your payment policy?
8 What forms of payment do you accept?
9 How safe is my personal information and credit card information?
10 Do cotton shirts shrink?
11 What type of shirts are avaliable?
12 What can or can not be printed on T-shirts?
13 How Long will my order take?
14 We want family reunion shirts?


Why order shirts online?
Convenience, time-saving and ease of use. The technology is such that you can get custom printed shirts from the convenience of your desk or home. There is no need to go back and forth to a physical store. In fact, you can specify exactly what you want more easily over a computer than any other way. You can get exactly what you want by e-mail and phone conversations.


How do we determine pricing?
All pricing is based on the same formula.

First is the number of screens or print colors. Second is print location! Each color requires its own screen.
Second, is the number of shirts. Since the set up (screens) is the same for one shirt or 10,000 shirts, the more you print, the lower the per shirt cost. We do have set price breaks at 12, 24, 50, 100, 150, 250, 500, 1,0000….
The type of shirt is another factor.
The color of the shirt is also a cost factor: White shirts are the least expensive. Next, are light colors, such as Athletic Heather (gray)-these generally cost about 50 cents more than white shirts. Dark shirts are about $1.50ea. more than white.
Delivery charges are usually less than you would expect. We ship by UPS ground and generally takes from one to three days from order complatetion and payment.

There might be additional charges for graphic preparations, screen cleaning, rush charges and a few other things. There will not be suprise charges at the end of the order. All charges are quoted at the beginning of the project. We do not charge sales tax for out of state sales. If you are in the State of Iowa 7% sales tax will be added to your order, or please provide us with a tax exemption number!


What are heat transfers?
A special paper is printed on and then applied by heat to shirts or other apparel. Heat Transfer when done with professional equipment and professional materials, gives you the same quality, look and fell of a screen printed shirt, the quality is markedly superior over what you can do with your home computer using transfer paper purchased retail. These can be useful when there is a photo or lots of colors, also when only doing a few shirts! We only print digital heat transfer on white or light shirts and screened transfers can go on all colors and garment types.


What graphic files can you use?
We are able to open almost any known graphic. However, graphic transmittal and conversion doesn’t always work as well as advertised. We will make an initial review as to practicality and quality for printing. We do not necessarily
need a high quality image for this initial review. We work in Corel Draw as well as Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator. We may also ask you for a tiff file; the main purpose is to make sure that there have been no undetected automatic
font substitutions. We would prefer a vector image .eps, .cdr, .ai. For the initial review, almost any format and quality is fine, including the well known .jpeg and .gif formats used on the web. Sometimes there are difficulties when using the absolute newest version of a program. Problems also arise in the conversion from PC to MAC. We use PC format.


How do I send you graphic files?
Usually, you can send us your graphic as an attachment by e-mail. If the file size(s) exceeds three megabytes, we prefer that you zip it.


Graphic approval?
We will request that you send us your graphic for initial review and evaluation for feasibility for printing. We often need to re-draw your image. If this is necessary, nothing is printed until your approval. We may send your graphic as an attachment or we may post it on the web (in a non-public area) for your review. it is very important that you approve your design and graphics. We can not start your printing till this is done!


What is your payment policy?
We usually request FULL PAYMENT by credit card before the job begins. This protects you as well as us. Corporate clients and ongoing large customers can sometimes make other arrangements. We also take paypal.


What forms of payment do you accept?
We usually require that we speak by phone with anyone placing an Order for $50 or more. We get the credit card information by phone. We accept Visa, Master Card and American Express. We also accept PayPal for smaller orders. We do not accept Discover Card. We do accept purchase orders and company checks, personal checks will be accepted but the order will not be started till these have cleared our bank.


How safe is my personal information and credit card information?
We take your security and privacy very seriously. We treat your personal information just as we would like ours treated. Your personal information, certainly including you credit card information, information is shared with no one outside of our office. The information is submitted to the credit card
company for payment. All documents are filed in a secure location or shredded.


Do cotton shirts shrink?
There have been no complaints about shrinkage with the cotton shirts. The cotton shirts are sold as pre-shrunk. However, they do appear to shrink slightly when washed and dried at high temperature. This is subjective, but there
does appear to be a very slight but perceptible shrinkage. Generally, the cotton shirts do shrink about 5% if washed and dryed in hot water and dried on high.


What type of shirts are available?
We have access to many distributors and manufacturers of all known types of shirts. Most of our printing is done on Gildan and Jerzees brands unless customer specifies another brand.


What can or can not be printed on T-shirts?
Screen printing, by definition, is limited to size of screen. The Dimensions are usually about 13 inches by 17 inches. In addition, fine detail, such as lines, may not show up well and very fine detail is impossible due to the weave of the fabric. Generally speaking, you should use solid colors in your drawing. please remember that the price of your project is determined by the number of colors used. The best t-shirt designs are generally very simple ones.


How Long will my order take?
We will almost always have your shirts sent out for shipping within one week of final art approval and down payment. Final means that the graphic is ready for printing (has been approved by you) and that payment arrangements have been made. We will often ship your shirt in less than a week without a rush charge; we usually do not guarantee this without a rush charge.


We want family reunion shirts?
We can truly help make your reunion special by custom printing your family reunion t-shirts. We can work with your graphic, make changes, or please use one of our stock designs. We understand that you are working with a limited budget and want the most bang for your buck.